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A number of our products are compatible with the Iyonix PC. These are:

Keyboard controlled switch

Enabling 2 or 4 machines to share common keyboard, mouse and monitor. Iyonix users will require our USB to PS/2 interface.
See our RISC OS page for more details.

Wireless networking

Our wireless Access Point may be used as both a true AP and as a client via the Iyonix network port. Please note that it is not possible for our USB wireless network interfaces to operate on the Iyonix USB stack.

We can also supply cables, interfaces, switches etc for all your wired networking needs.
See our Wireless Networking pages for more information.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Suitable for use with all machines.
See our UPS pages for more details.....

Iyonix stability motherboard update

We are able to apply the 32-bit config jumper update to Iyonix motherboards which may solve some stability issues.
Click here for further information...

Thermal Dye Photo Printer

Please see our Photo Printer page for more details.

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