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Digiflash are a series of card readers for use on RISC OS machines with the STD USB podule or Unipod.

They are both supplied with full access software, enabling you to read and write cards which may be used with Digital Cameras, PDA's etc.


DigiFlash2 comes with two slots, allowing you to read and write SmartMedia and Compact Flash type 1 cards.

DigiFlash2 costs £30



DigiFlash7 adds Compact Flash type II, MicroDrive, MultiMedia card, Secure Digital and Memory stick to the capabilities of DigiFlash2 (it is a stand-alone unit and does not require a prior purchase of DigiFlash2). It is a very useful opion for those users who have more than one camera or PDA. See the DigiflashX section to see how to add xD to this list.

DigiFlash7 costs £50


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