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Wireless Networking

Our range of wireless networking products enables RISC OS and PC machines to be connected without the need to lay cables etc. All products comply with IEE802.11b and interwork with other compliant systems. Transmission rates are up to 11Mbps, and 128bit WEP is supported.

Wireless USB adaptor

The wireless USB adaptor plugs straight into a PC fitted with a USB port, or into a RISC OS machine via our USB expansion card. The device can work "peer-to-peer" with other devices in "ad-hoc" mode, or using an access point in "infrastructure" mode.

The RISC OS version of the adaptor is supplied complete with full network stack based on Simtec's NET100 code and comes complete with RISC OS configuration program.

Both versions of the adaptor come complete with drivers for Windows machines.

Wireless USB adaptor inc RISC OS drivers: £79.95 inc VAT and carriage.

Wireless USB adaptor for PC (no RISC OS drivers): £69.95 inc VAT and carriage.

Please note that this device requires the Simtec USB card for use on RISC OS machines. Iyonix users should consider using the product described below in Access Point / Bridge / Client mode (depending on network topology) connected to the Iyoinx network port.

Simtec USB card: £89 inc VAT and carriage.

Wireless Access Point / Bridge / Media Converter

This versatile device can operate in one of three configurations:

As an access point, enabling a wireless network to be joined to a wired network.

As a wireless "bridge", enabling a number of wired networks to be linked wirelessly.

As a media converter, enabling machines already fitted with network cards (such as NET100 or Iyonix) to be attached to a wireless network.

It is supplied with our acclaimed !MWAP SNMP configuration utilities for RISC OS and Windows machines.

Wireless Access Point / Bridge / Media Converter £99.95 inc VAT and carriage.

Wireless PCMCIA Adaptor

This PC card allows portable PC machines to be added to a wireless network

Wireless PC card: £59.95 inc VAT and carriage.

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